“Katangala Rajamaha Viharaya” is situated in forest with different kind of trees and it is in Kandy Katugasthota area Halloluwa village. This temple is called “Nilabbapathraramaya” or “Nilpauwa”. This temple was built king “Walagamba” with cauldron of the meditation for monk as a monastery.

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The newly constructed rest house, the Katarangala Viharaya is currently a sacred place with all its vihara.

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A large number of ancient clay vessels are preserved as artifacts in the Katarangala Raja Maha Viharaya.

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In addition to the main cave in which the Vihara Mandiraya is situated, there are a large number of caves located in the Great Rock Pavilion. In the meantime, the painted ceiling of a painted ceiling with some mortar parallel to the earth has faded.

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Golden Statue

The historic Katarangala Raja Maha Viharaya is very famous even in the country due to the statue of Dambaran Samadhi Buddha which is the gaze of the great Indunil who is buried in this land. When the Lord Buddha was present, the Randena Buddha statues were erected by the Malla Kings to burn his body.

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